Transportation by Air

Category "Transportation by Air" containts following australian companies 2024:
Companies in Australia with category Transportation by Air 2024. Australian Business Register of companies in Australia, australian firms and organisations
Including such kinds of activities as
4512. Air transportation, scheduled
451200. Air transportation, scheduled
45120000. Air transportation, scheduled
451299. Air transportation, scheduled, nec
45129900. Air transportation, scheduled, nec
45129901. Air cargo carrier, scheduled
45129902. Air passenger carrier, scheduled
45129903. Helicopter carrier, scheduled
4513. Air courier services
451300. Air courier services
45130000. Air courier services
451399. Air courier services, nec
45139900. Air courier services, nec
45139901. Letter delivery, private air
45139902. Package delivery, private air
45139903. Parcel delivery, private air
4522. Air transportation, nonscheduled
452200. Air transportation, nonscheduled
45220000. Air transportation, nonscheduled
452201. Nonscheduled charter services
45220100. Nonscheduled charter services
45220101. Air passenger carriers, nonscheduled
45220102. Flying charter service
45220103. Sightseeing airplane service
452299. Air transportation, nonscheduled, nec