Textile Mill Products

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New South Wales
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Including such kinds of activities as
2211. Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
221100. Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
22110000. Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
221101. Sheets, bedding and table cloths: cotton
22110100. Sheets, bedding and table cloths: cotton
22110101. Bed sheeting, cotton
22110102. Bed tickings, cotton
22110103. Bedspreads, cotton
22110104. Blankets and blanketings, cotton
22110105. Muslin, cotton
22110106. Percale
22110107. Pillow tubing
22110108. Pillowcases
22110109. Sheets and sheetings, cotton
22110110. Table cover fabrics, cotton
22110111. Tarlatan, cotton
22110112. Tubing, seamless: cotton
221102. Apparel and outerwear fabrics, cotton
22110200. Apparel and outerwear fabrics, cotton
22110201. Corset fabrics, cotton
22110202. Dress fabrics, cotton
22110203. Galatea, cotton
22110204. Glove fabrics, cotton
22110205. Handkerchief fabrics, cotton
22110206. Madras, cotton