Social Services

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New South Wales
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Including such kinds of activities as
8322. Individual and family services
832200. Individual and family services
83220000. Individual and family services
832201. Geriatric social service
83220100. Geriatric social service
83220101. Adult day care center
83220102. Old age assistance
83220103. Senior citizens' center or association
832202. Child related social services
83220200. Child related social services
83220201. Adoption services
83220202. Aid to families with dependent children (afdc)
83220203. Child guidance agency
83220204. Childrens' aid society
83220205. Youth center
83220206. Youth self-help agency
832203. Emergency social services
83220300. Emergency social services
83220301. Crisis center
83220302. Crisis intervention center
83220303. Disaster service
83220304. Emergency shelters
83220305. First aid service
83220306. Hotline
83220307. Temporary relief service