Services, Not Elsewhere Classified

Category "Services, Not Elsewhere Classified" containts following australian companies 2024:
New South Wales
Companies in Australia with category Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 2024. Australian Business Register of companies in Australia, australian firms and organisations
Including such kinds of activities as
8999. Services, nec
899900. Services, nec
89990000. Services, nec
899901. Artists and artists' studios
89990100. Artists and artists' studios
89990101. Artist
89990102. Artist's studio
89990103. Sculptor's studio
89990104. Calligrapher
899902. Art related services
89990200. Art related services
89990201. Art restoration
89990202. Greeting card painting by hand
89990203. Stained glass art
899903. Commercial and literary writings
89990300. Commercial and literary writings
89990301. Advertising copy writing
89990302. Author
89990303. Ghost writing
89990304. Newspaper column writing
89990305. Writing for publication
89990306. Technical writing
899904. Song writings
89990400. Song writings
89990401. Music arranging and composing