Motor Freight Transportation

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Western Australia
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Including such kinds of activities as
4212. Local trucking, without storage
421200. Local trucking, without storage
42120000. Local trucking, without storage
421201. Animal and farm product transportation services
42120100. Animal and farm product transportation services
42120101. Animal transport
42120102. Farm to market haulage, local
42120103. Live poultry haulage
421202. Liquid transfer services
42120200. Liquid transfer services
42120201. Liquid haulage, local
42120202. Petroleum haulage, local
421203. Lumber and timber trucking
42120300. Lumber and timber trucking
42120301. Lumber (log) trucking, local
42120302. Timber trucking, local
421204. Moving services
42120400. Moving services
42120401. Furniture moving, local: without storage
42120402. Safe moving, local
421299. Local trucking, without storage, nec
42129900. Local trucking, without storage, nec
42129901. Baggage transfer
42129902. Coal haulage, local
42129903. Delivery service, vehicular