Motion Pictures

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South Australia
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Including such kinds of activities as
7812. Motion picture and video production
781200. Motion picture and video production
78120000. Motion picture and video production
781201. Motion picture production
78120100. Motion picture production
78120101. Cartoon motion picture production
78120102. Educational motion picture production
78120103. Educational motion picture production, television
78120104. Industrial motion picture production
78120105. Motion picture production and distribution
78120106. Motion picture production and distribution, television
78120107. Non-theatrical motion picture production
78120108. Non-theatrical motion picture production, television
78120109. Religious motion picture production
78120110. Television film production
78120111. Training motion picture production
781202. Video production
78120200. Video production
78120201. Music video production
78120202. Video tape production
781299. Motion picture and video production, nec
78129900. Motion picture and video production, nec
78129901. Audio-visual program production
78129902. Cartoon production, television
78129903. Commercials, television: tape or film