Metal Mining

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Including such kinds of activities as
1011. Iron ores
101100. Iron ores
10110000. Iron ores
101101. Iron ore mining
10110100. Iron ore mining
10110101. Open pit iron ore mining, nec
10110102. Open pit taconite mining
10110103. Underground iron ore mining
101102. Iron ore preparation
10110200. Iron ore preparation
10110201. Iron ore beneficiating
10110202. Iron ore pelletizing
10110203. Iron ore sintering at the mine
1021. Copper ores
102100. Copper ores
10210000. Copper ores
102101. Copper ore mining and preparation
10210100. Copper ore mining and preparation
10210101. Copper ore milling and preparation
10210102. Open pit copper ore mining
10210103. Underground copper ore mining
1031. Lead and zinc ores
103100. Lead and zinc ores
10310000. Lead and zinc ores
103101. Lead ores mining