Legal Services

Category "Legal Services" containts following australian companies 2024:
South Australia
New South Wales
South Australia
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Including such kinds of activities as
8111. Legal services
811100. Legal services
81110000. Legal services
811101. Specialized legal services
81110100. Specialized legal services
81110101. Bankruptcy referee
81110102. Patent solicitor
811102. Specialized law offices, attorneys
81110200. Specialized law offices, attorneys
81110201. Administrative and government law
81110202. Antitrust and trade regulation law
81110203. Bankrupcy law
81110204. Corporate, partnership and business law
81110205. Criminal law
81110206. Debt collection law
81110207. Divorce and family law
81110208. Environmental law
81110209. Immigration and naturalization law
81110210. Labor and employment law
81110211. Malpractice and negligence law
81110212. Patent, trademark and copyright law
81110213. Product liability law
81110214. Real estate law
81110215. Securities law
81110216. Taxation law