Health Services

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New South Wales
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Including such kinds of activities as
8011. Offices and clinics of medical doctors
801100. Offices and clinics of medical doctors
80110000. Offices and clinics of medical doctors
801101. Internal medicine practitioners
80110100. Internal medicine practitioners
80110101. Cardiologist and cardio-vascular specialist
80110102. Endocrinologist
80110103. Gastronomist
80110104. Hematologist
80110105. Internal medicine, physician/surgeon
80110106. Nephrologist
80110107. Neurologist
80110108. Oncologist
80110109. Pulmonary specialist, physician/surgeon
80110110. Neurosurgeon
801102. Medical centers
80110200. Medical centers
80110201. Ambulatory surgical center
80110202. Clinic, operated by physicians
80110203. Dispensery, operated by physicians
80110204. Freestanding emergency medical center
80110205. Primary care medical clinic
801103. Medical insurance associations
80110300. Medical insurance associations
80110301. Group health association