Furniture and Fixtures

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Including such kinds of activities as
2511. Wood household furniture
251100. Wood household furniture
25110000. Wood household furniture
251101. Wood bedroom furniture
25110100. Wood bedroom furniture
25110101. Bed frames, except water bed frames: wood
25110102. Bedside stands: wood
25110103. Chiffoniers and chifforobes
25110104. Commodes
25110105. Dressers, household: wood
25110106. Dressing tables: wood
25110107. Headboards: wood
25110108. Vanity dressers: wood
25110109. Wardrobes, household: wood
25110110. Waterbed frames: wood
251102. Kitchen and dining room furniture
25110200. Kitchen and dining room furniture
25110201. Breakfast sets (furniture): wood
25110202. Buffets (furniture)
25110203. Chairs, household, except upholstered: wood
25110204. Chairs, bentwood
25110205. China closets
25110206. Dining room furniture: wood
25110207. Silverware chests: wood
25110208. Stools, household: wood