Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services

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New South Wales
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Including such kinds of activities as
4911. Electric services
491100. Electric services
49110000. Electric services
491199. Electric services, nec
49119900. Electric services, nec
49119901. Distribution, electric power
49119902. Generation, electric power
49119903. Transmission, electric power
49119904. Electric power broker
49119905. Electrical power marketers
49119906. Nuclear electric power generation
49119907. Fossil fuel electric power generation
49119908. Hydro electric power generation
4922. Natural gas transmission
492200. Natural gas transmission
49220000. Natural gas transmission
492299. Natural gas transmission, nec
49229900. Natural gas transmission, nec
49229901. Pipelines, natural gas
49229902. Storage, natural gas
4923. Gas transmission and distribution
492300. Gas transmission and distribution
49230000. Gas transmission and distribution
4924. Natural gas distribution
492400. Natural gas distribution