Chemicals and Allied Products

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Including such kinds of activities as
2812. Alkalies and chlorine
281200. Alkalies and chlorine
28120000. Alkalies and chlorine
281201. Alkalies
28120100. Alkalies
28120101. Caustic potash, potassium hydroxide
28120102. Caustic soda, sodium hydroxide
28120103. Potassium carbonate
28120104. Sal soda (washing soda), sodium carbonate (hydrated)
28120105. Soda ash, sodium carbonate (anhydrous)
28120106. Sodium bicarbonate
281299. Alkalies and chlorine, nec
28129900. Alkalies and chlorine, nec
28129901. Chlorine, compressed or liquefied
2813. Industrial gases
281300. Industrial gases
28130000. Industrial gases
281301. Carbon dioxide
28130100. Carbon dioxide
28130101. Dry ice, carbon dioxide (solid)
281399. Industrial gases, nec
28139900. Industrial gases, nec
28139901. Acetylene
28139902. Aerosols
28139903. Argon