Apparel and Accessory Stores

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New South Wales
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Including such kinds of activities as
5611. Men's and boys' clothing stores
561100. Men's and boys' clothing stores
56110000. Men's and boys' clothing stores
561199. Men's and boys' clothing stores, nec
56119900. Men's and boys' clothing stores, nec
56119901. Clothing accessories: men's and boys'
56119902. Clothing, male: everyday, except suits and sportswear
56119903. Clothing, sportswear, men's and boys'
56119904. Haberdashery stores
56119905. Hats, men's and boys'
56119906. Suits, men's
56119907. Tie shops
5621. Women's clothing stores
562100. Women's clothing stores
56210000. Women's clothing stores
562101. Women's specialty clothing stores
56210100. Women's specialty clothing stores
56210101. Boutiques
56210102. Bridal shops
56210103. Dress shops
56210104. Women's sportswear
562199. Women's clothing stores, nec
56219900. Women's clothing stores, nec
56219901. Maternity wear
56219902. Ready-to-wear apparel, women's