Agricultural Services

Category "Agricultural Services" containts following australian companies 2024:
South Australia
New South Wales
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Including such kinds of activities as
0711. Soil preparation services
071100. Soil preparation services
07110000. Soil preparation services
071199. Soil preparation services, nec
07119900. Soil preparation services, nec
07119901. Fertilizer application services
07119902. Lime spreading services
07119903. Plowing services
07119904. Seed bed preparation services
07119905. Soil chemical treatment services
07119906. Soil testing services
07119907. Weed control services, before planting
0721. Crop planting and protection
072100. Crop planting and protection
07210000. Crop planting and protection
072101. Orchard tree and vine services
07210100. Orchard tree and vine services
07210101. Orchard tree and vine bracing services
07210102. Orchard tree and vine pruning services
07210103. Orchard tree and vine surgery services
07210104. Tree orchards, cultivation of
07210105. Vines, cultivation of
072102. Sprout and twig services
07210200. Sprout and twig services
07210201. Sprout and twig cultivation services